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How to stay focused on your business goals

Why are business goals important

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What are your goals, do they keep you focused?

Business goals are important, but why? This is something that’s stated over and over again. But no one is talking about why they’re important. To have a goal is to have a clear destination in mind, that’s important for any business. What do you want your business to do – for your audience, for you and your life, for your future? These things are why business goals are important!

Another thing that is often glossed over or given no real discussion about is how. How do you get to the destination that is your business goal? There are countless blogs, videos, and podcasts talking about goals. But how many have gone deep into the how to “accomplish” your goals?
The why and how are really closely connected when thinking of business goals. Again, not really covered is the how. If a goal is a destination, then a plan or system is the how. But when’s the last time you’ve seen someone discussing that aspect of goals?

Why business goals fail

When you make a goal for your business, do you say something like “my business goal is to make enough money from my business to be able to quit my 9-5 job.”? It’s a great goal, a lofty destination! But there are many issues with this goal – sure it’s sort of measurable, but how do you do it? When do you need to do it by?
These are just a couple of reasons business goals “fail”. I don’t think the business owners fail. I think they’re goals fail. They aren’t clear enough or aren’t linked to something that sets you up to accomplish them!
Not only do you need to know:
  • what the goal is
  • how long to achieve the goal
  • how to measure the goal

But you need to have a system to keep you consistently focused on your goal!


How to use goals to focus on business success

When you know your destination, you can figure out the best way to get there. When you have a plan of how you’re going from here to there, you can use that plan to make yourself a map. A map that keeps you on track to achieve your goal! With a clear plan, you can focus on what you’re doing to achieve your goals. You spend less time thinking about what to do, and more time on how to do it.

Know the why to figure out the how

When you’re clear on the why you have a goal, it’s easier to figure out the how to achieve your goal. The easiest way to figure out the how is by breaking down your goals.
The best way to get to your destination is to take a shortcut when you can. Keep in mind that while shortcuts are usually faster, they are rarely easier. You’ll still need to work to achieve your goals. One shortcut I’ve found is to break your goals down into smaller goals. Then break them down again, and then again! The smaller the steps you take, the easier it is to climb the mountain in front of you.

How this helps your business

When you’re clear on why you’ve set a goal, what exactly that goal is – and broken it into smaller steps, you can create a system to keep you on track. Keep yourself focused. When you have a system to keep you on track it’s easier to stay accountable to your goals. You can keep yourself accountable. Know if you’re on track to reach your goals by the time you want to accomplish them. You can always know what next step you need to take to keep moving toward achieving your goals!
So, at any given time you know if you’re on track to leave your 9-5!
Do you know if you’re on track to replace your 9-5 income with your blog?

I challenge you to find out!

I challenge you to use a proven system to get clear on your goals!

I challenge you to take action and make the most of your passion and your potential!

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