How to plan your blog with AirTable

A successful business runs on sustainable systems, driven by clear goals. One of the systems that I rely on is my content production system in AirTable. I set a goal for myself to come up with loads of high-quality content for you each week. This is the system I use to meet that goal! Read on to learn how you can plan your blog with AirTable.

The why behind the systemHow to plan your blog with AirTable

When I’m getting ready to write a blog post, I go to my idea bank – we all have one (or should have one) in some shape or another. Some keep their idea bank in Evernote, Asana, or in a physical notebook – where ever yours is you need to have one. A repository of post ideas that you add to on a regular basis. The point is, this is where our content starts its journey.

There are some advantages to this, which get discussed at great length on the interwebs. So I’ll only hit on the highlights. Such as always having something to write about, or having a place to drop your ideas when the muse calls. And having a collection of ideas to plan your content from.

Here are a couple of those points that AirTable has helped me with.

Able to capture ideas on the go

Using AirTable, I can record my ideas easily and quickly – something that’s key for me as I’m always on the go! Doesn’t matter if I’m off to an impromptu picnic dinner with my family or out doing yard work. I can record my idea and get back to what I was doing. I might write about the details of how I have this setup later. But I use Evernote linked to AirTable with Zapier (because it makes me happier – lol).

Able to develop ideas into Posts on the go

When I find that I have a few minutes to spare in my day, I can pop open AirTable (on my phone or computer). Find that topic that’s on my mind and add to it. I can plan which category it’s going to fit in best, or even plan out a live stream to go with the post! It’s flexible enough that it fits in with my day – and my goals system!

Overview of the system

So how does it work? Well … here’s how you can plan your blog with AirTable.

Where to start?How to plan your blog with AirTable

Every piece of content starts as an idea that I put into AirTable. I have a “Base” set up as my editorial pipeline, with a table for my content. This table is organized by “status”, and all my ideas start in the “evaluate” status (this _is_ my idea bank). When I pick an idea and start working on it, I change the status to “brainstorming”. This is when I write down what the post will cover, or the sub-topics of the post.

Moving forward!

When I’m ready to move forward with the post, I change the status to “outline”. If you’ve guessed that’s when I outline the post, you’d be right! From there I draft the post, and when I’m done I set the status to “draft”. When I’ve got a few in the draft stage, I batch the next step – which is “proof”.

I copy the content of the post into the Hemingway app and make any suggested changes for readability. From there, I copy the content into Grammarly. Again making any suggested changes for grammatical correctness.

Once I have a few posts to this stage, I go through and review them – marking the AirTable entry for each as “review”. If I need to, I make any changes to keep them in line with the spirit of what I set them out as in the beginning. Or making the appropriate changes to the entry in AirTable.

Finishing up!

From there, I copy the post content to WordPress and make any formatting it needs. This is when I change the status in AirTable to “published” – whether I publish immediately or schedule it.

I also make up any promotional assets like pins, tweets, or fb posts and store those in AirTable as well. Now I have a complete record of the post from idea all the way through to promotion.

Some notes on usage

Now, I have to note here that this system is a work in progress. As I write this post, I realized that I should include some fields. Like for cross promotion of other relevant posts. Or when I put a post into WordPress and when it’s scheduled to publish. And to hold any assets like pins and images. Something to consider at my weekly review. (This is more of a note to self, and so that you can see how my system evolves).

How to Plan Your Blog With AirTable

So, there you have it. How I keep myself on track to achieve my goal of staying consistent with my content creation. I don’t want you to think “is this the only way I can use this?“, I want you to make it your own. If you feel that this system is good but not quite for you, change it! Not feeling AirTable, but love Trello – go ahead and use that! Make it your own and thrive with it! Now, you should have a good understanding of how you can plan your blog with AirTable.

Remember, make sure you’re clear on your goals! If you don’t know exactly where you’re going then you won’t be able to figure out the best way to get there! I challenge you to get clear on your goals!