Getting Started

In the beginning …

I have a thought …

Starting line
Every journey starts somewhere!

So, I have been thinking that it is time to start sharing what I have learned. I have some valuable experience for those that are starting their freelancing journey.

Whether that’s developing software, visual assets, or managing social media accounts. I want to share what I learned over the years of my own travels down this path.

I need to be clear that I consider myself still learning about this! No matter how much you know, there is always more to learn.

I’m always finding new ways to manage my client work, and my life for that matter!

Will you learn with me?

I will be sharing more about what I’ve learned, a little on how and where I’ve learned it. Also what I might have done different if I was to start over.

I started out broke (as in rolling pennies for gas money broke). I learned how to find the no cost options for the services out there. I’m still kind of broke, but now it’s only “rolling quarters” broke ;-).

So, I will be promoting the services that I have used and think will help you. Keep in mind that where possible I will be sharing the free options or alternatives.

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There are a few cases where you can’t get around having to pay (like an Apple or Google developer account). I’ll tell you why in those cases so that you can make a choice about it for yourself.

If I do share a link to a paid service, it will most likely be an affiliate link. So if you do sign-up for the service, please use my link because I’m still getting un-broke! ;-P

The road ahead

I hope you join me in a cathartic examination of my journey, what I’ve learned, and what I would’ve done otherwise. I want you to be an active participant in this journey. Share with me what your thoughts are along the way and I will give feedback on what you share!

The best way is to give me your email, and I’ll send you a weekly newsletter and some other bonuses too!

Let’s get started, shall we?