The Consulting Developer

The Consulting Developer

Goals driven business management isn't always a clear path. I'll help you navigate the maze and figure out what needs to be done to get you to your goal!

Get the guidance you need to clearly break down exactly what needs to be done to achieve the Most Important Goal for the month.

Kylee E, Exo-Inso

Steve helped me so much! I'm ready to take on the world knowing that I'm on the right track with my business goals.

Why should goals be focused?

When you've focused your goals into actionable steps:


Know what to work on next

Focus - A clearly defined set of objectives keeps you on track so that you don't get distracted by "shiny object syndrome" You know what needs to be done, in a clear and concise way so that you can focus on the task at hand. This way you make more progress and help more people!

Each sections consists of an image that visualizes the feature or chapter and some text that explains the benefit that this feature or chapter delivers to the customer.


Have the balance you need between family and your business

Knowing what to do first, or next, keeps you on track so that you don't waist time. You get more done and have more time for the things that matter in life.

Balance - Having a clear plan lets you know that you are spending your time wisely, so that you can get more done. When you get more done, you can relax with friends and family, knowing that you've made great progress on your business! When you're hanging out with your family you don't want to be worried that you haven't done enough for your business! You can enjoy the life you want to live!


An external source of encouragement and support to achieve your goals

Get objective and constructive feedback on your goals, along with tips and advice to achieve them.

Accountability - Knowing what you need to do and knowing you're on the right path are two different things. Have confidence what your doing for your business is the best thing for what you want your business to become! Get feedback about whether the next tool your going to use, or the next product you're going to invest your time in is the right next step for what you want to achieve!

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