Getting Started

Change Your Point Of View

Changing My Point Of View

Recently, I had the opportunity to share a bit of my story. Specifically, some of the story around my military background. I had been so ashamed of that part of my story that I kind of hid it from the world. If someone asked me about it, I would say “Yes, I was in the Air Force” and then try to change the subject. After a lot of reflection, I decided that I’m not ashamed of that part of my past. It’s a part of who I am today, more than two decades later.

Getting Out of My Shell

I had the opportunity to share my story on the “Change Your POV” podcast, so I did. And let me tell you something, I feel good about it! I sent an email to those on my list about the episode and inviting readers to go and have a listen. Now I am doing the same here. I invite you to go here and listen to the episode.

I tell a little bit of that part of my story, not to gain your appreciation for my service to this great country of mine. I share my story to show that no matter what life throws at you, no matter what mistakes you’ve made, you can carry on. You can be better than you were. You can overcome whatever obstacles are in your way to be the best you possible!

Changing YOUR Point of View

Finding the right mindset can make the difference between feeling “stuck in a rut”, and moving on in your life. Unfortunately, YOU are the only one who can make the change between here and there. Yet, once you make that mindset change, it’s like the whole world opens up for you! You can see what you need to do to change your life, to build a better life for yourself. It all starts with you deciding that you don’t want to be stuck in that rut anymore. Deciding that you want, need, and deserve more out of life.

The Road Ahead

Once your mindset is where you feel it should be, then you can make a goal for the next year of your life. With a goal, you envision what you want your life to be like in 12 months. Pick that vision, write it down – pin it up on your wall, bathroom mirror, wherever you’re going to see it every day! This is one of the keys to achieving your goal, and it’s important! I mean, that’s why you set it – right?

I challenge you to set a goal, something that you want to achieve or change over the next 12 months. Put it in the comments below and I will give you some advice on how to achieve your goal.

Once you have your goal set, then what?! Having a goal is great, you have a target to aim for. But unless you have a clear plan to get to your goal you are not as likely to achieve it. Especially if it’s a long-term goal – such as a year long goal.

The Next Steps

To make a plan of action to achieve your goal, you need to know why – why this goal? Why now? Why will this goal make you a better person? Why is this goal important to you? The “why” behind the goal is as important as the goal itself! It’s what you want to do and why personified.

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Next, you need to figure out how you’re going to know you’ve achieved your goal. What are you going to use to measure your progress towards your goal? What does “I achieved my goal” mean to you? Think about it, let it simmer in your brain. Reflect on it, pray about it, meditate about it. Whatever you need to do to get clear in your head that thing you’re going to measure your progress with. Write that down with your goal that you’ve put up on the wall or fridge or wherever.

The Plan

Now, once that’s done, you’re ready to break down your goal so that you can make a plan. A plan on how exactly you’re going to achieve success. Next, work through the next steps to cross the gap between today and when your goal is complete.

Step one: Break down your goal for the year into four “milestones”. These are “checkpoints” along your journey. Points that when you reach them you know that you’re that much closer to your goal.

Step two: Look at the first milestone, think about the steps you need to take to get there. These are your objectives, you should have 12 objectives at this step.

Step three: Look at the first four objectives. Think about how you can take small actions to complete each one, aim to have between 5 and 7 of these. These are your daily tasks. Your daily tasks are the main thing you need to do each day.

Step four: Each of your daily tasks gets broken down into 2 or 3 “MIA”s (or Most Important Actions) for the day. These are the things you’ll be looking at each morning when you wake up.

What’s Next?

There, that wasn’t so bad, was it? You’ve taken a goal for the year and made it into small tasks. Actions you take each day to get you there, one step at a time. Need more help with this? Let me know and we can work it out together to get you to a better, happier life.

In the next few posts, I’ll be discussing this a bit deeper. Along with how all this “goals” stuff relates to project management.