How to plan your blog with AirTable

Reading Time: About 4 minutesA successful business runs on sustainable systems, driven by clear goals. One of the systems that I rely on is my content production system in AirTable. I set a goal for myself to come up with loads of high-quality content for you each week. This is the system I use to meet that goal! Read… Continue reading How to plan your blog with AirTable


Follow me, I know the way!

Reading Time: About 1 minuteSo, I just came a across this cool little thing called Bloglovin. I have as poking around on it and found some of my favorite blogs on there and decided I’d try it out! So, while I learn more about Bloglovin and what can be done there, Follow my blog with Bloglovin! Tempus Fugit, Steve

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How to stay focused on your business goals

Reading Time: About 3 minutesWhy are business goals important Business goals are important, but why? This is something that’s stated over and over again. But no one is talking about why they’re important. To have a goal is to have a clear destination in mind, that’s important for any business. What do you want your business to do –… Continue reading How to stay focused on your business goals