Let’s Build an Idea Bank!

The Consulting Developer

What is an idea bank?Let's build an idea bank!

An idea bank is simply a bank of content ideas! It’s a repository of content ideas you get and record as you go about your day. It’s also where you can go when you’re ready to create content. The way I do my content bank is every time I have an idea for a topic or bit of content, I record it in my idea bank.

Where are some places I can keep one?

Many free apps are out there that can be used as an idea bank. Such as Evernote, WorkFlowy, GDocs, AirTable, and simple note apps, like what you likely already have on your phone! The point is that it’s a place for you to record your thoughts on a topic that you can go back to later. Preferably, a place that lives in more than only your phone.

How can automation help with a digital idea bank?Let's build an idea bank!

Automation tools like Zapier can help you with your idea bank! For example, let’s say that you’ve put an idea into your idea bank, automation can create a GDoc for you. That way you’re ready to fill it out more the next time you get into your writing zone. Or, the automation can create a todo task in your favorite task manager like Wunderlist or Asana for you. Automation can even be set up to create a calendar entry for you so that you have time to focus on creating the content!

How do I keep it full?

The best way to keep it full is to set a goal for yourself!

Bet you didn’t think I was going to let you get away without hearing me tie this into goals! Lol.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been creating content for a while, we all need to include content idea generation in our goals! After all, it’s how we communicate with our audience!

Using the method I show you in the Focused Goals Challenge, you can come up with a

2017 goals - word abstract on a napkin with a cup of coffee
What are your goals, do they keep you focused?

target number of topics you want to come up with each week. In fact, you can even set a simple goal of coming up with 40 ideas a week! How? It’s easier than it sounds! Set aside 20 minutes this weekend and brain dump ideas! You can use a mind mapping technique, or start with your main topic focus and dive down into subtopics!
However you do it, just do it! Once you start you’ll find that in just 20 minutes a week you can come up with many topics! Bonus points for doing one of these topic sessions every few days!
That way, you’ll never run out of content ideas and will stay consistently in front of your audience!


I also talked about some of this in a recent #BizMinute weekly fb live stream! Check it out below: